Speaking in a room–and speaking on Zoom are not the same! We have updated all of our skills-based coaching to include the most effective online communication techniques. We will share the critical ABC’s of Zoom. These online skills are critical for avoiding distractions and create a genuine connection between you and your audience whatever screen they are on. Our proven approach is fun, easy to remember and a refreshing antidote to “zoom burnout.” These are essential tools for effective communication whether the audience is internal (i.e. employees, co-workers and bosses) or external.


Giving a keynote? Addressing the UN? Launching a book? Presenting your latest research? Running for office? Raising money? Lending your voice to a cause you are passionate about? Whatever you need to speak about and wherever you need to speak, we will prepare you to give the talk of your life. Using our proprietary techniques, you will discover your authentic voice, perfect your natural delivery, communicate your ideas clearly, engage and surprise your audience and make it all look effortless.


Our proprietary techniques work for teams, too. We work with all levels of executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, managers and assistants to empower your team with communications tools that will last a lifetime. Your team will master how to command a room, capture an audience with storytelling techniques, handle curveball questions and turn them to their advantage. By the end of our training your team members will own the why of your organization’s story and have executive presence techniques that will make them ambassadors for you, wherever they go.

Speaker Coaching

We are a double threat when it comes to political coaching. Never has it been more crucial to be able to define your vision and articulate it in a way that your audience is inspired and energized into action. Bringing years of experience as a talk show host, radio news anchor, investigative reporter, Deputy Bureau Chief at ABC News West Coast, We have grilled some of the top politicians in the country. We have been on the other side of the mic many times and are known to be one of the best political interviewers in the business. We know what reporters will ask and how to answer them in the most authentic and natural way. Combining this skill set with the organic TED-style speaking techniques, we will develop your voice in a way that is honest, aligned with your values and makes it clear to voters–you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Events & Panels

Raise your company or organizations profile with custom crafted events that will distinguish your organization as a cutting-edge leader in your field. From AI, to the arts and from science and medicine to social justice, we create meaningful programming designed to maximize the perception of your company in the marketplace and put you on the map as a company that champions forward thinking ideas.

Want to spice up your investor day? Want to demonstrate your company’s expertise? What about a company retreat? Are you having an all hands event? VoiceActivated programs are a wonderful way to showcase your CEO, highlight brilliant members of your team and associate with high level outside speakers, all demonstrating your commitment to the best ideas and the brightest minds wherever you find them.

VoiceActivated can build everything from an hour-long program to a weeklong tailor-made retreat that will distinguish your brand as the thought leader in your field. Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a charity, we are committed to creating customized events that will demonstrate the depth of your talent, the height of your vision and the power of your mission.

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