VoiceActivated Mission

My mission is to help people unlock their gifts and share them.

You have a unique voice, an elevated point of view, passions and purpose that only you possess. Unearthing those gifts, enabling you to articulate your truth and your highest ideals is why I’m here. Whether you are an author, artist, scientist, start up superstar, philanthropist… the degree of your success depends on the level that you (and your company) find your true Voice and Activate it.

I founded VoiceActivated because I know that the right ideas—well told—can rock the world.

Meet Bryn Freedman

As Editorial Director and Curator for the TED Institute from 2014-2019, Bryn dedicated herself to helping speakers discover and hone their “ideas worth sharing.” Bryn’s passion and expertise developed over the more than twenty years she spent as an Emmy Award winning journalist, Executive Producer of Documentary Television and a critically acclaimed author. At TED, she created and executed TED conference events for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, around the globe. Bryn oversaw the editorial content for each event she curated; chose the speakers and determined the focus for each talk. She coached speakers one-on-one as well as managed a team of speaker coaches. On TED stages, Bryn hosted each event and conducted many interviews that were featured as the “Talk of the Day” on TED.com. As an Executive Coach, Bryn has been called the “Robin Williams’ of Dead Poet’s Society, never settling until she gets to your unique human self.” Bryn Freedman is the coach for professionals who want to give the “talk of their lives.” Bryn is the “go to” professional to ensure that your style of communication is always powerful, authentic and unforgettable.

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Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

– O s c a r   W i l d e

VoiceActivated Testimonials

“Bryn has a super power in listening and coaching. She has used those skills to help The Hunger Project delivered its message in the most effective, authentic and memorable way.  Bryn works with each speaker insuring that what gets delivered in THIS moment, with THIS speech, with THIS audience, gets THIS job done! During my years as Global CEO of The Hunger Project I relied on Bryn time and again to support me and key members of our team for getting out the message  that “we CAN end hunger”. Thank you Bryn”

Suzanne Mayo Frindt, Global Board Member, The Hunger Project

“There’s simply no way we could effectively communicated the message of The Health Initiative without Bryn’s intensive and patient coaching. She helped us with a TED Talk (with over 1.2 million views)  and a major keynote address on the difference between health and healthcare.   Both talks received standing ovations and critical praise.  That’s because Bryn pushed us to face our stories honestly, to examine when the words we use masked, rather than revealed who we  are and we want to communicate. Bryn relentlessly holds up a mirror to what you say and how you say it, which is extremely hard and an incredible gift. We’ll never tell our stories, or hear those of others, the same way again. “

Rebecca Onie, Co-Founders, The Health Initiative

Bryn was a joy to work alongside! She was eloquent and engaging, always responsive, and incredibly knowledgable. She’s a passionate speaker, great listener, and wonderful coach. I so enjoyed my time with Bryn and couldn’t recommend her enough! I can’t wait to work with her again in the future to continue harnessing my speaking skills. “

Sarah Gallo, Founder and Travel Expert, The Five Foot Traveler

“Bryn came in to WME and taught a speaker’s fundamentals class to more than 70 of our top assistants in the prestigious WME Trainee Program.  She was beyond impressive and gave clear, specific actionable steps and tools to enhance the participants professional careers.  The impression Bryn made was unbelievable. They found Bryn passionate, authentic, engaging and truly inspirational.  I want to bring her back to do a training session for our whole company as soon as possible. “

Justin Ongert, Partner at William, Morris Endeavor
“People like Bryn only come along every once in a great while. She will not only challenge you to think bigger, she will give you the instruments to deliver the best work of your career. Bryn will question your assumptions, she will push you to examine the same problem from a different angle and she will ask unexpected questions, all in service to helping you give the talk of your life. If you’re looking for the easy way out, this lady is not for you. But if you’re looking for the best, then do yourself a favor and hire her.”
Michela Stribling, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Tenable

“Bryn interviewed me for a TED event and, like many people, I always expect to get asked the same questions I’ve heard time and again. Pull the string in my back and I’ll tell you what I’ve said before. Nope: Bryn chiseled my responses until I understood the essence of what I meant better than I ever had before. I’m grateful and would be honored to put myself under her interrogation lamp whenever she asks.”

Roy Bahat, CEO, Bloomberg Beta

“Bryn Freedman is Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, never settling until she has tapped into your unique, human, self. She cares. Her passion for your finished product comes through in every interaction. I have enjoyed working with her immensely and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to build a relationship with such a talented and spirited coach.”

Eric Berridge, CEO and Co-Founder of Bluewolf

“I never wanted a speaking coach; I never thought I needed a coach. Boy was I wrong. I went from amateur to professional after working with Bryn for just one talk. Of course, the second one was even better because by that point I had complete trust in her. Being able to hone in so quickly on what’s important is Bryn’s true gift, and it’s also the one area as a speaker that is most difficult to self-assess. Bryn is amazing.”

Josh Luber, CEO and Co-Founder of StockX

“Bryn is one of the most critical, thought provoking, challenging yet kind and charismatic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend working with her so long as you have something worth saying.”

Damian Bradfield, CMO and Co-Founder WeTransfer

“When you’re the one delivering the message it’s almost impossible to dissect the gold from the garbage. I’ve worked with Bryn Freeman repeatedly because she is truly the best in the business. She provides CLARITY to your message and COURAGE to your delivery. As someone whose expectations are sky high and who is rarely impressed…Bryn is a preeminent speech coach and my secret weapon.”

Josh Shipp, Best selling author whose speeches have been viewed over 100 million times.

“Bryn helped me see how my specific human journey, warts and all, can be a powerful tool in delivering on my promise to the world. Through our work together, Bryn has helped me both harness that unique experience, and share it in ways that invite others to see parallels in their own lives, and take action.”

Ibrahim Al Husseni, Philanthropist, Venture Capitalist and Founder of FullCycle Energy Fund

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bryn on a few events for Inher Circle, a women’s empowerment and educational group. She is the ultimate professional, and a talented writer and interviewer. Bryn has a keen way of distilling complex topics into an understandable and relatable format. Her questions are incisive and she always makes you feel prepared and at ease.”

Beth Friedman, Founder, Inher Circle

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