A TED expert breaks down the art of powerful storytelling.

Bryn Freedman believes everyone has a story to tell, and as lead curator for the TED Institute, it’s her job to provide the tools speakers need to tell their stories with passion and authenticity.

TED and UPS have joined forces for three straight years to showcase the best and brightest UPSers from around the world. UPS speakers have weighed in on topics ranging from what businesses can learn from soap operas to how we can design cities for happiness.

In this episode, Bryn shares some of the TED tricks of the trade. What is the TED selection process really like? How do TED speakers get rid of the dreaded, pre-talk jitters? And why partner with UPS?

Count Bryn among the advocates for the democratization of thought-provoking ideas – and their power to change lives. Bryn stresses the importance of selfless storytelling and explains why “generic is the enemy of the memorable.”

Need even more of a reason to listen to Bryn? She has her own IMDB page – so you know she has interesting stories to share.

SOURCE: https://longitudes.ups.com/podcast/podcast-what-makes-a-good-public-speaker/